Opening Date:  9/19/2017
Closing Date:  12/15/2017
Unit:  Office of Security Cooperation-Nicaragua, Managua, Nicaragua
Salary: Pay and allowance commensurate with military rank.
Applicant Restrictions:  All Sources. This position is open to officers in good standing with the WIARNG holding the ranks of Captain (O3) or Major (O4).
Rank Restrictions: Min:CPT/O-3
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Job Description:
Serve as Bilateral Affairs Officer (BAO) within the Office of Security Cooperation – Nicaragua (OSC-N). Responsible to plan, coordinate and execute appropriate engagement events for the OSC-N and State Partnership Program (SPP). Provide logistical and technical support and coordinate administrative requirements for the execution of Theater Security Cooperation (TSC) exercises, training, exchanges, and other ensuring all security cooperation activities and resources are in support of the following: USSOUTHCOM Theater Security Cooperation Strategy, Theater Campaign Plan, Guidance for Employment of the Force, Secretary of Defense Security Cooperation Guidance and the National Guard Bureau State Partnership Framework Guidance. The BAO will serve as the state’s primary point of contact within the partner country for the OSC-N. The officer will ensure a flow of information on SPP issues and other strategic directives between the HQ USSOUTHCOM and the OSC-N within country of assignment. Likewise, the officer will assist OSC-N Chief in the execution of the TSC country campaign plan, consolidate and forward requests for SPP assistance, and other TSC activities as required. Under the direction of the OSC-N Chief, the officer will interface with the partner nation’s military as well as the USSOUTHCOM staff and its component commands. They will develop and maintain situational awareness of their State National Guard as well as understand and stay abreast of all strategic guidance concerning National Military Strategy, Security Cooperation Guidance, Building Partner Capacity, and the US Embassy’s Mission Strategic Resource Plan. The officer will utilize web-based systems to review SOUTHCOM’s components and directorates Security Cooperation Activities and Traditional Commander Activities (TCA) Program to support activities within his/her partner nations. For evaluation purposes the BAO Rater will be the OSC-N Chief and the Senior Rater will be the Senior Defense Officer/Defense Attaché (SDO/DATT). The selected officer’s duties will begin in country on or about 1 June 2018; however several training requirements will need to be met prior to assuming the BAO duties. Most of these training requirements will be approximately a week to a month long and will be completed in the first and second quarters of TY18.