Opening Date:  10/10/2017
Closing Date:  12/10/2017
Unit:  CRTC, Volk Field, WI
Salary: Pay and allowance commensurate with military rank.
Area of Consideration:  Open to all eligible to become AGR. *Trainees accepted*
Minimum Grade Required:  SrA/E-4
Maximum Grade Authorized:  MSgt / E7
Maximum Grade Available:  MSgt / E7
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Job Description:
1. Member must be medically qualified IAW AFI 48-123, Medical Examination and Standards. Applicants cannot be subject to any flagging action for medical purposes. ANG members entering on full-time duty must have a current physical examination (within 36 months) prior to entry date. Individuals transferring from title 10 USC (active duty or statutory tour) are not required to have a new physical unless the previous physical is over five years old at the time of entry onto AGR status. Personnel ages 40 and above must have a Risk Index calculated IAW AFI 48-123. Individuals with a Risk Index exceeding 10,000 must have a stress EKG accomplished. Selected individual must have an HIV test completed within 6 months of AGR start date. 2. Members must meet physical fitness standards IAW AFI 36-2905, Air Force Fitness Program. 3. Applicants with family members currently on-board are cautioned to review ANGI 36-101 for assignment restrictions. 4. Personnel must have sufficient retainability to permit completion of tour of duty. Can not be eligible for or receiving an immediate Federal (Military or Civilian) retirement annuity. 5. Each application will be screened for all mandatory AFSC entry criteria, if degree requirements are required, please enclose copies of transcripts. 6. While there is no minimum time in position required for application, if selected individual has less than 18 months in current position on initial tour or 12 months in position on subsequent tour, final approval is contingent upon TAG waiver. 7. At a minimum, applicants must be able to obtain and /or maintain a favorable adjudicated personnel security investigation that is commensurate with their currently assigned AFSC. Inability to maintain a favorable background investigation or required security clearance may result in administrative action, including termination from employment.