Opening Date: 12/5/2017 
Closing Date: 12/19/2017 
Unit: 115 FW, Madison, WI 
Salary: Pay and allowance commensurate with military rank.
Area of Consideration: Open to all eligible to enter AGR program *Applicants must possess advertised AFSC* 
Minimum Grade Required: MSgt/E-7 (promotable) 
Maximum Grade Authorized: SMSgt/E-8 
Maximum Grade Available: SMSgt/E-8 
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Job Description:
Leads, manages, supervises, and performs force protection duties employing up to the use of deadly force to protect personnel and resources. Protects nuclear and conventional weapons systems and other critical resources. Performs air base defense functions contributing to the force protection mission. Defends personnel, equipment, and resources from hostile forces throughout the base security zone of military installations. Operates in various field environments, performs mounted and dismounted individual and team patrol movements, tactical drills, battle procedures, convoys, military operations other than war, antiterrorism duties, and other special duties. Operates communications equipment, vehicles, intrusion detection equipment, individual and crew-served weapons, and other special purpose equipment. Applies self-aid buddy care and life saving procedures as first responders to accident and disaster scenes. Provides armed response and controls entry to installations and protection level resources. Detects and reports presence of unauthorized personnel and activities and implements security reporting and alerting system. Enforces standards of conduct, discipline, and adherence to laws and directives. Directs vehicle and pedestrian traffic; investigates motor vehicle accidents, minor crimes, and incidents; and operates speed measuring, drug and alcohol, and breath test devices. Secures crime and incident scenes; apprehends and detains suspects; searches persons and property; and collects, seizes, and preserves evidence. Conducts interviews of witnesses and suspects and obtains statements and testifies in official judicial proceedings. Responds to disaster and relief operations and participates in contingencies. Develops plans, policies, procedures, and detailed instructions to implement SF programs. Plans, organizes, and schedules SF activities and provides oversight, guidance, and assistance to commanders with the application of physical security and force protections in support of priority resources. Operates pass and registration activities and supervises and trains SF augmentees. Employs and utilizes the Incident Command System construct during emergency planning, response recovery operations. Inspects and evaluates effectiveness of SF personnel and activities. Provides guidance on employment and utilization of military working dog teams. Ensures proficiency training and certification standards are maintained. Employs military working dogs to support worldwide security force operations and executive agency requirements to include nuclear, Presidential support, federal law enforcement and national strategic programs. Ensures health and welfare of military working dogs. Trains handlers and military working dogs on all aspects of military working dog training. Maintains dog training and usage records and is responsible for storage, handling, and security of drug and explosive training aids. Leads, manages, supervises, and implements ground weapons training programs. Controls and safeguards arms, ammunition, and equipment and instructs ground weapons qualification training. Provides guidance on weapons placement to security forces and ground defense force commanders. Inspects ground weapons and replaces unserviceable parts and analyzes malfunctions by inspection and serviceability testing. Uses precision gauges, testing instruments, and special tools to adjust parts and operating mechanisms. Function-fires weapons for accuracy and serviceability. Controls and operates firing ranges and associated facilities to include supervising construction and rehabilitation.