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Federal Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Employment Opportunities


The AGR job advertisements listed below are for full-time Wisconsin Air & Army National Guard (Title 32). For information on pay and benefits, please contact an AGR representative. Army advertisements on this page are open nationwide to all eligible to enter the WIARNG.

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Opening Date:  11/29/2017
Closing Date:  12/18/2017
Unit:  115 LRS, Madison, WI
Salary: Pay and allowance commensurate with military rank.
Area of Consideration:  Job restricted to Category II AGR employees *Trainees accepted; must agree to become qualified as 21R1.*
Minimum Grade Required:  1st Lt/O-1 eligible
Maximum Grade Authorized:  Maj/O-4
Maximum Grade Available:  Maj/O-4
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Job Description:
Directs distribution management operations to include managing cargo distribution functions such as receiving, inspecting, tracing, tracking, packaging, and shipping of supplies, equipment and war readiness spares. Responsible for logistics pipeline management and time-sensitive delivery of materiel in support of peace, contingency, and wartime operations. Maintains accountability for supplies and equipment. Responsible for the safe and efficient organic ground transportation of personnel and cargo within and between installations in support of daily and contingency operations. Resolves problems related to storage, safety, and fire hazards. Manages storage space utilization and develops and maintains a storage facility and mechanized material handling equipment modernization program to include maintenance, future upgrades, and working stock requirements. Determines readiness requirements, including emergency supply support plans, tactical and strategic movement of personnel, materiel, and units. Schedules and coordinates movement of cargo, personnel, and personal property by commercial or military modes using systems which interface with defense total asset visibility systems. Uses in-transit visibility systems. Maintains liaison with US Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM), other services and federal agencies to schedule and coordinate movements of cargo and personnel. Ensures proper allocation and effective use of transportation resources. Establishes and administers an effective packaging and preservation program. Evaluates movement forecasts and flow of personnel and cargo into the transportation system, movement capabilities, and efficiency of modes used. Directs materiel management operations such as, direction and management of retail or wholesale supply activities. Included are environmental compliance and inventory management. Determines, computes, and analyzes current and projected materiel requirements; applies authorizations and allowances; establishes and maintains stock levels; manages asset positioning; inspects, reviews, and evaluates work methods and procedures. Ensures accountability is maintained for supplies, equipment, and War Reserve Materiel (WRM). Determines effectiveness of functional data systems. Manages assigned information systems and applies approved standards and criteria to ensure proper implementation, operation, and results. Develops plans, programs, policies and procedures to manage materiel management activities, including systems design and analysis, determination and computation of requirements, plans for activation and inactivation, facility requirements, equipment allowances, and materiel accounting. Develops working capital fund operating programs and determines operating budget. Provides guidance on handling of readiness materiel stocks, including location, type of storage, protection, security, and quality control. Directs contingency operations such as logistics planning, deployment command and control, Logistics Readiness Centers, logistics command and control, Combat Support Center activities, deployment, bed-down, and redeployment activities. Integrates Agile Combat Support planning efforts, conducts readiness assessment of logistics activities, conducts war and contingency planning, base support and expeditionary site planning, WRM management, support agreement management, manages logistics time phased force deployment data and unit type codes. Enables international theater security cooperation and interoperability, operating in coalition or Joint environments often working with contractors, host-nations, etc. Directs fuels management operations such as environmental compliance, inventory management of ground and aviation fuels. Determines provisions, computes and analyzes current and projected petroleum requirements; computes, establishes, and maintains stock levels, manages fuel receipt from pipelines, trucks, rail cars, and marine vessels. Manages fuel dispensing systems, bulk fuel storage facilities, cryogenics productions and storage, and test and evaluation of fuel samples. Develops, plans and establishes policies and procedures to manage fuels activities, including systems design, plans for activation and inactivation, facility requirements, equipment allowances, and accounting. Interprets fuels directives. Inspects, reviews, and evaluates work methods and procedures. Resolves problems related to storage, fire hazards, and truck fill stand and aircraft refueling areas. Coordinates with commander, staff, and operating units on wartime, contingency and peacetime fuels support. Coordinates with elements of DoD and other governmental organizations to assure support to Air Force units. Directs aerial port operations such as management of fixed and mobile air terminals through various sub-processes to include: Fleet Services, Aerial Delivery, Passenger Terminals, Freight, and the Air Terminal Operations. Coordinates contingency transportation support requirements and capabilities with other agencies using DoD and USAF logistics, transportation and In-Transit Visibility (ITV) systems. Coordinates military and commercial aircraft schedules with appropriate control and operations centers and flight line agencies using current DoD and USAF logistics, transportation and ITV systems. Evaluates movement forecast and flow of personnel and cargo into the most efficient mode of the Defense Transportation System. Collects and analyzes data on air transportation. Directs vehicle management operations such as coordination of vehicle and equipment requirements, assignments, priorities and warranty repairs. Evaluates quality of operator care and maintenance. Determines operational requirements and specifications including reliability, maintainability and standardization for facilities, vehicles and materiel handling equipment. Develops policies and procedures for the administration of vehicle abuse and misuse programs. Collects and analyzes data on vehicle operations and maintenance. Directs acquisition/life cycle logistics activities. Plans for and manages systems, subsystems, and equipment throughout their life cycle, including integrated logistics support activities and modernization/obsolescence planning. Develops, initiates, integrates, and manages all logistics actions associated with life cycle management of weapon systems, subsystems, and equipment. Serves as logistics focal point throughout the system’s life cycle. Formulates logistics management and fiscal policy for weapon systems.
(608) 242-3726
2400 Wright Street
Madison, Wisconsin
Mailing Address
Department of Military Affairs
J1/Manpower & Personnel
P.O. Box 8111
Madison, WI 53708-8111
Civil Service/Fed Tech
Federal Active Guard Reserve (AGR)
Career Enhancement Program (CEP)