Opening Date:  11/30/2017
Closing Date:  12/29/2017
Unit:  115 FSS, Madison, WI
Salary: Pay and allowance commensurate with military rank.
Area of Consideration:  Job restricted to Category II on board AGR *Trainees accepted; must hold a minimum of a 7 level Restricted to 115th FW members *
Minimum Grade Required:   MSgt/E-7
Maximum Grade Authorized:  SMSgt/E-8
Maximum Grade Available:  SMSgt/E-8
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Job Description:
Manages Force Support operations. Improves work methods and procedures to ensure economic operation and customer satisfaction. Executes customer service and support programs Resolves customer complaints. Applies accounting principles to control resources. Determines appropriated and non-appropriated fund (NAF) budget requirements. Requisitions and accounts for subsistence, supplies, and equipment needed to support Services specific and Force Support programs. Identifies facility requirements and conducts surveys to determine facility renovation, construction, and modernization needs. Develops capital expenditures programs for NAF and APF facilities. Establishes equipment layout, and operation and maintenance procedures. Manages resource management for NAF and APF accounts. Maintains close liaison with commanders and unit fitness managers on the Air Force Fitness Program. Conducts personal fitness training and develops individual and group exercise regimens. Performs recreation programming. Maintains unit readiness program. Establishes and supervises bare base facilities that provide food, fitness, lodging, sports management, recreation, laundry, mortuary services, field resale operations, and protocol support to deployed personnel. Inspects and evaluates Force Support activities. Determines effectiveness of service and retail operation programs by analyzing accomplishments with planned program standards and goals. Ensures storage facilities and procedures are in place to adequately safeguard subsistence, equipment, and supplies. Evaluates contractor performance in outsourced Sustainment Services functions. Operates fixed, bare base, missile alert and portable food service facilities and equipment. Plans, prepares, and adjusts menus. Determines resource availability, pricing, and merchandise trends. Establishes resale merchandise prices, inventory levels, and safeguarding procedures. Maintains liaison with civilian industry to keep abreast of current trends, product development, and improved customer service techniques. Monitors lodging quarter’s occupancy status, and determines and certifies non-availability of transient quarters. Explains concepts of fitness requirements. Explains and demonstrates proper conditioning procedures, weight training, and aerobic equipment techniques. Promotes physical fitness participation. Works technical mortuary functions such as supervising teams for the search and recovery of human remains. Arranges for transporting and disposition of remains. Ensures mortuary entitlements, escorts, and military honors are arranged. Establishes and maintains mortuary case files.