Opening Date: 12/21/2017
Closing Date: 1/21/2018
Unit: 115 FSS, Madison, WI
Salary: Pay and allowance commensurate with military rank.
Area of Consideration: Open to all eligible to enter Cat I AGR program
Minimum Grade Required: SrA/E-4
Maximum Grade Authorized: TSgt/E6
Maximum Grade Available: TSgt/E6
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Job Description:
Conducts recruiting program. Responsible for interviewing, screening, testing and evaluating applicants from various sources to achieve recruiting goals. Develops information sources such as employment agencies, driver’s license and job market lists, high school and college student lists, and separation reports, in securing names of potential prospects for enlistment, commissioning and the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps. Makes oral and film presentations to high school and college classes to establish contact with prospects. Maintains informational records to enable follow-up contacts with prospective enlistees. Prepares enlistment and commissioning case files on personnel who are enlisting or applying for a commission in the Unites States Air Force. Informs interested persons of military obligations, officer and airman career structure, educational and training opportunities and other military benefits and entitlements. Implements publicity programs. Plans and coordinates sales promotional projects using media such as direct mail, press, radio and television presentations. Presents Air Force orientations to civic, social, educational and student organizations. Distributes advertising and publicity materials to places frequented by persons of military age. Mails literature to persons of military age to stimulate interest in the Air Force. Conducts community relations programs. Assists and participates in special events such as state and municipal ceremonies, exhibits, fairs, parades, centennials and sporting events. Plans for and accompanies groups on tours of military installations. Participates in community activities such as fund-raising drives, blood donor drives and patriotic holidays. Establishes and maintains contact with high school, college, business and industry officials to enhance the prestige of the Air Force in the community. Plans and performs recruiting activities. Maintains market data. Collects and monitors production reports of recruiting activities. Implements plans and procedures to record production flow and reporting. Ensures proper distribution and use of advertising and publicity materials. Manages and controls lead resources. Provides management assistance in support of all recruiting programs. Retrieves and maintains date of enlistment reports and provides analysis to flight chief. Assists in policy development and ensures timely implementation.