Opening Date:  12/22/2017
Closing Date:  1/22/2018
Unit:  CRTC, Volk Field, WI
Salary: Pay and allowance commensurate with military rank.
Area of Consideration:  Open to those eligible to enter AGR program
Minimum Grade Required:  SMSgt/E8 promotable
Maximum Grade Authorized:  CMSgt/E-9
Maximum Grade Available:  CMSgt/E-9
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Job Description:
Manages military personnel programs and advises commanders and Airmen on Air Force personnel policy. Manages a myriad of Air Force programs including; assignments, promotions, evaluations, identification cards, separations, retirements, benefits, entitlements, retention, classification, awards, decorations, retraining, casualty, personnel reliability, and personnel readiness programs. Determines program eligibility and counsels airmen on career progression. Manages and executes force management tools such as; force management boards, selective reenlistment and bonus programs. Counsels airmen on reenlistment opportunities, benefits, and entitlements. Advises commanders and provides reports and statistics to make personnel decisions. Manages data analysis products and ensures the accuracy of both deployed and in-garrison personnel data. Creates, interprets, and audits management assessments products and transaction registers and identifies mismatches. Works with commanders and Airmen to resolve discrepancies and ensures the accuracy of personnel data. Routinely crosschecks data from the personnel data system with source documents in the personnel records to ensure accuracy. Performs personnel actions. Conducts in and out processing at both in garrison and deployed and maintains accountability of Air Force personnel. Manages duty status reporting to include; leave, temporary duty, hospitalization, sick in quarters, and casualty reporting. Oversees personnel activities and functions. Inspects personnel activities for compliance with policies and directives. Reports discrepancies and recommends corrective action. Monitors personnel actions for timeliness, propriety, and accuracy. Ensures proper counseling of individuals on personnel programs, procedures, and benefits. Organizes and compiles management data and submits reports. Performs Commanders Support Staff (CSS) personnel functions. Prepares and processes administrative support actions relating to unit programs such as fitness, in and out-processing, evaluations. Manages leave web program. Maintains suspense system for personnel actions and correspondence. Maintains and monitors duty status changes. Provides customers with guidance on how to use web-based applications for personnel actions. Prepares and processes Articles 15, letters of reprimand, investigation reports, unfavorable information files, and separation actions. Performs Personnel Support for Contingency Operations (PERSCO) functions. Ensures accountability and casualty reporting for deployed forces, reports data to combatant commanders, and enables sound wartime decisions. Provides additional personnel support, as required. Experience in advising commanders and/or senior leadership on support mission requirements, professional development, military readiness, training, utilization, health, morale, and welfare of the enlisted Airmen Experience in leading and managing diverse groups as well as force management of full time and drill status guardsmen, Experience in working with outside organizations and partners to further unit, wing, and state initiatives, Experience and philosophy of deliberate force development and implementing development of all enlisted grades, Exceptional communication and networking skills and a solid understanding of Operational Training Infrastructure