Opening Date:  12/1/2017
Closing Date:  12/15/2017
Unit:  HHC 173d BEB, Wausau, WI
Salary: Pay and allowance commensurate with military rank.
Applicant Restrictions:  Any current member of the WIARNG or Regular Army/USAR/National Guard Soldier eligible for enlistment in the Wisconsin Army National Guard
Rank Restrictions: Min:PFC/E-3
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Job Description:
Performs administrative duties. Responsible for Publications, Awards, ID Cards, SRIP, Extensions, Health/Dental & Line of Duty record maintenance, Weight Control, Personnel Orders/Transfers, Security Clearances, Sponsorship, Personal Mobilization Packets, Survivor Benefit Plans, and personnel records for the unit. Prepares and submits SIDPERS input data and higher HQs reports. Reads, interprets, and reconciles SIDPERS generated reports. Works under the supervision of the Senior Human Resources Sergeant. Assists the Senior Human Resources Sergeant other areas as needed and/or appointed. Normal duty day requires occasional evening meetings with unit leaders.