Opening Date:  12/22/2017
Closing Date:  1/5/2018
Unit:  HHC 173 BEB, Wausua, WI
Salary: Pay and allowance commensurate with military rank.
Applicant Restrictions:  Any current member of the WIARNG or Regular Army/USAR/National Guard Soldier eligible for enlistment in the Wisconsin Army National Guard.
Rank Restrictions: Min:SGT/E-5
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Job Description:
Assists the Battalion Training Officer and the Senior Operations NCO. Position requires an in-depth knowledge of Unit Authorization Documents (MTOES/TDAs) and the CUSR. Possesses ability to input, analyze, and extract CUSR readiness data. Analyzes readiness and mobilization reports, and coordinates with personnel, training, logistics, and other staff elements to identify readiness inhibitors and recommend enhancements to readiness posture. Reviews draft MTOEs/TDAs and recommends changes as necessary. Manage unit training ammunition by projecting, forecasting, requisitioning and completing required actions in the Total Ammunition Management Information System (TAMIS). Possesses knowledge of the purposes, methods, and techniques of program analysis, and the structure, functions, and missions of a plans, operations, and training section. Assists in the battalion level formulation and assessment of yearly training plans, monthly training schedules, work schedules, and annual training plans in preparation for all IDT and annual training periods. Reviews, approves, processes and forwards all military school training requirements through ATRRS. Reviews, approves, processes and forwards all military training orders through AFCOS and authorizations/vouchers through DTS. Oversee and manage the budgeting process to include forecasting requirements, allocating Readiness Management Periods (RMP) and reviewing un-liquidated obligations. Become subject matter expert (SME) on management of training requirements through Digital Training Management System (DTMS). Reviews and approves subordinate unit DTMS inputs. Manage the battalion Physical Security/Force Protection Program. Manages new equipment fielding and training. Manages Range Facility Management Support System (RFMSS).