Opening Date:  1/3/2018
Closing Date:  1/17/2018
Unit:  Recruiting & Retention BN, Madison, WI
Salary: Pay and allowance commensurate with military rank.
Applicant Restrictions:  Any current member of the WIARNG or Regular Army/USAR/National Guard Soldier eligible for enlistment in the Wisconsin Army National Guard.
Rank Restrictions: Min:CPT/O-3
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Job Description:
Commands a Recruit Sustainment Program company comprised of over 600 initial entry status Soldiers. Direct supervision of three recruiting detachments, three NCOICs, and 68 Recruiting & Retention NCOs, full-time staff, Soldiers and contractors. Manages recruiting programs for all units assigned to the geographical area covering the northern portion of Wisconsin. Responsible for RSP supervision, training, validation, shipping, administrative and logistical tasks. Direct supervisor of 3 recruiting teams, 3 NCOICs, and 40 Recruiting & Retention NCOs. Coordinates with the RRB Battalion Commander on all recruiting matters that affect force structure in the assigned area. Conducts market analysis of assigned area of operations and executes enlisted recruiting accession mission. Liaison awareness of the Wisconsin Army National Guard. Plans and implements community and media events. Ensures that units are provided with fully-trained, MOS-Qualified Soldiers. Moral/medical waiver authority for Company.