Opening Date: 6/2/2017
Closing Date: 6/26/2017
Unit: 115th MXG, Truax Field, Madison, WI
Salary:Pay and allowance commensurate with military rank.
Area of Consideration: On Board Category I or II AGR’s Only
Minimum Grade Required: SMSgt/E-8 (Promotable)
Maximum Grade Authorized: CMSgt/E-9
Maximum Grade Available: CMSgt/E-9
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Job Description:
Plans, organizes, and directs avionics activities. Establishes production controls and work standards. Analyzes reports on the installation, removal, overhaul, repair, calibration, and modification of avionics systems and associated support equipment. Directs avionics activities. Directs, controls, and plans inspection, removal, replacement, calibration, and repair of avionics systems and associated support equipment. Determines extent and economy of repair or replacement of components. Coordinates with supply, operations, and other maintenance activities to improve procedures and ensure mission support. Inspects and evaluates avionics activities. Establishes and checks inspection procedures. Inspects activities to solve maintenance, supply, manpower, and personnel problems. Interprets findings, and recommends corrective action. Ensures compliance with directive governing handling, use, and disposal of hazardous waste and material. Performs avionics functions. Solves problems and interprets publications for inspection, repair, modification, overhaul, removal, installation, and calibration of avionics systems and associated support equipment. Plans and implements budgets, modifications, and acquisition processes. Plans and executes mobility programs and equipment deployments. Plans physical layout of facilities, and ensures support equipment and spare parts availability.