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Tribute to Our Troops tree provides seasonal salute to service members

Friday, November 20, 2015

Now into its second decade, the Tribute to Our Troops Tree at the Executive Residence in Maple Bluff, Wisconsin, continues to remind holiday visitors of the men and women in uniform who cannot be home for Christmas.

A handful of Wisconsin National Guard members joined Linda Hughes of Cambria, Wisconsin, in decorating the tree Nov. 17. Hughes has been making ornaments to remember Wisconsin service members for the Tribute to Our Troops tree since 2005. This year she made 392 butterfly ornaments, each with a paper “dog-tag” indicating who it represents.

“Yesterday was the last one that I did,” Hughes said. “I’m a pre-school teacher, and I always tell parents, ‘Let ‘em fly — let them do their own thing.’ So I got to thinking, okay — a butterfly design would be really neat.

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