Wisconsin Army National Guard

64th Troop Command

64th Troop Command The 64th Troop Command provides administrative, training and logistical support to unique, specialized or smaller Wisconsin Army National Guard units that are not part of other major deployable units. With an authorized strength of more than 1,700 Soldiers, the command includes aviation, sustainment and support, personnel, military police, band, transportation, maintenance, public affairs, rear area operations command, and medical units.

The 64th Troop Command roles are to enhance personnel, training and equipment readiness; to transform units to meet new requirements for modularity within the Army; and to assist units during mobilization, demobilization and reintegration following deployments or active-duty mobilizations.

64th Troop Command

Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment - Madison
    Wisconsin Medical Detachment - Madison
              Detachment 1, Wisconsin Medical Detachment - Marshfield
    332nd Rear Operations Center - Berlin
    1967th Contingency Contracting Team - Camp Douglas
    64th Rear Operations Center - Monroe
    641st Troop Command Battalion
              Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment - Madison
    135th Medical Company - Waukesha
    832nd Medical Company (-) (Air Ambulance) - West Bend
    Detachment 1, Company B, 248th Aviation Support Bn. - West Bend
    112th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment - Madison
    132nd Army Band - Madison
    732nd Combat Sustainment Support Battalion
    Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment - Tomah
    107th Maintenance Company (-) - Sparta
              Detachment 1, 107th Maintenance Company - Viroqua
    1157th Transportation Company - Oshkosh
    1158th Transportation Company (-)
              Detachment 1, 1158th Trans. Company - Black River Falls
    1st Battalion, 147th Aviation Regiment
    Headquarters and Headquarters Company - Madison
    Company A - Madison
              Detachment 1, Company C - Madison
    Company D (-) - Madison
    Company E (-) - Madison
    (-) - Headquarters of a split unit

64th Troop Command - Heraldry

732nd Support Battalion

147th Aviation Regiment



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