Privately owned weapons are prohibited in National Guard facilities by the authority of the Adjutant General in accordance with Wisconsin Statute 175.60(15m)(a), 943.13(1m)(b), 943.13(1m)(c)4, Army Regulation 190-11 and Air Force Instruction 31-101.
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Friday, April 24, 2015

We wanted to let you know that the latest edition of @ease, the award-winning official publication of the Wisconsin National Guard, is hot off the press.

But we wanted to also let you know of some exciting changes.

For years, @ease was a distinguished print publication. In 2009 @ease made the bold jump to being an exclusively online publication, but it was designed to be printed on standard desktop printers for readers who prefer to read paper documents. Even so, the online version of @ease included interactive features that enhanced the online reading experience.

That enhanced reading experience continues with this issue, and we've added some new features. Page turns are accomplished by using the up or down arrow keys on your keyboard. For the first time, @ease features embedded video. And while this issue of @ease is a Flash file, it is still available as a PDF file for download or print.

The current issue may take a little longer to load on your computer, but we are confident you will find the new product is worth your time.


The Wisconsin National Guard Public Affairs Office

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