Department of Military Affairs

Environmental Management System (eMS) - Significant Aspects

To determine potential impacts of WIARNG operations on the environment, WIARNG relies on environmental compliance programs to identify aspects of solid/hazardous waste management, air emissions and wastewater management.

To identify significant aspects the cross-functional team conducted an analysis based on the functional areas of WIARNG operations. These areas include, but are not limited to:
     · Aviation flight and maintenance activities
     · Maintenance of ground based military vehicles
     · Armory Activities and Equipment
     · Warehousing
     · Transportation

Army and EPA environmental management system guidelines are followed to identify and prioritize environmental aspects and impacts. They are as follows:
     · Environmental aspects and impacts are ranked according to significance.
     · Annual review and maintenance - this will ensure the information is evaluated and updated regularly.
     · The process includes consideration of significant changes to project facilities, activities,
       products and services relevant to the mission and operations defined by WIARNG.

From this analysis, the following four activities WIARNG performs were found to be the most significant:
     · Fueling Operations
     · Hazardous Materials Management
     · Management of Recyclable Hazardous Materials
     · Spill Control/Prevention

As of 2014, the WIARNG has determined that it's most significant aspects include the following:
     · Energy Consumption
     · Water Consumption
     · Environmental Training
     · Fueling Systems

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