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Wisconsin National Guard Tuition Grant Information

POC: Karen Behling, Grant Specialist, 608-242-3159.

WHO is eligible? You must be an actively drilling, enlisted soldier or warrant officer of the Wisconsin National Guard who has not already earned a bachelorís degree. You must not be flagged for unexcused absences or failing to meet guard standards. Being in the Inactive Ready Reserve makes you Ineligible.

WHAT is the National Guard Tuition Grant? It is a program whereby an eligible guard member, upon satisfactory completion of course(s) at a qualifying school, can apply for a tuition reimbursement. Reimbursement is based on 100% of the tuition charged at the studentís qualifying school or the maximum resident undergraduate tuition charged by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, whichever is less. The grant cannot pay for any room & board, books, fees or continuing education credits (CEUs). The grant program reimburses up to eight semesters.

WHERE can you attend school? Attendance must be at Wisconsin accredited institutions of higher education as defined in 20 USC 1002, or any campus of the University of Wisconsin System or any WI technical college established under chapter 38 or Minnesota schools that have a reciprocity agreement with Wisconsin. There is limited reciprocity with Iowa, Illinois and Michigan schools. This list is subject to change due to accreditation or amendments of the statute governing this grant. **You may click here for a list of schools** or phone the POC named above. It is recommended that you talk with the POC before attending on-line schools since this grant cannot reimburse for attending most out-of-state schools.

WHEN should you apply? The pre-application is no longer required. The actual **application**, the DMA Form 189, must be submitted to your school certifying official and received at DMA HQ no later than 60 days after the completion of your course(s). Your school will forward the application to the Department of Military Affairs. If you question who your school certifying official is, phone the POC named above or **click here to view the list**.

WHY does the National Guard Tuition Grant program exist? The military needs educated young people to enlist. The tuition grant program provides an incentive for college bound students to serve in the National Guard.

HOW does one obtain a National Guard Tuition Grant application? Request DMA Form 189 from your unit or **click here to download an application**. Read the directions on the form thoroughly. After completing the student portion, submit the application to your school certifying official at the same time. The school has instructions to forward the certified application to DMA. It is vital that your application reach DMA within 60 days of completing your course(s). If you question the status of your application, call the POC listed above prior to the 60 day deadline. DMA strives to process applications for reimbursement within 30 days of receipt.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I know that I am flagged for unexcused absences or not fulfilling guard standards?
Regardless of your status, submit the application as per the instructions. This will insure that your form is received within the 60 day deadline. When your conduct is is corrected and/or satisfactory participation is resumed, the suspension will be lifted by your unit commander by removing a flag with a final DA Form 268 or submitting a memorandum for a previous unexcused absence. Your grant application, already at DMA, will be pulled and processed for reimbursement.

Must I pay the school before getting reimbursed via the grant?
The arrangement is between you and your school. It is strongly encouraged by DMA that you pay your school upfront and be reimbursed your tuition after your course(s) are completed. After all, that is what defines a reimbursement.

Is there a mandatory Grade Point Average?
Yes, students must achieve a minimum GPA of 2.0 in each term to receive a National Guard Tuition Grant.

Is the grant available for graduate degree credits?
No, it is for undergraduate degrees only.

What form of reimbursement may I expect?
A check is written from DMA to you and mailed to the address you write on your application.

If I take only six credits will that use up one of the eight semesters eligible to me?
No, part-time use of the grant is prorated. So, six credits, for example will use up .40 of one semester.

What determines if a school is a qualifying school for this grant?
The United States Department of Education regulates that specific accreditation. There are other types of accreditation so if you question whether or not your school qualifies, call your POC. Most out-of-state schools are not eligible.

What if I donít fulfill my military obligation?
Depending on the reason for your separation from the National Guard, it may be determined that you must repay the grant money you received.

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    Karen Behling, Grant Specialist
    Phone: 608-242-3159

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