Partners in Care is a unique outreach opportunity for Faith Based Organizations to partner with the Wisconsin National Guard to support all Service Member's and their Families (Army, Air, Marines, Navy and Coast Guard) in Wisconsin.

Participating Faith Based Organizations Have chosen what services they will provide (e.g. Pastoral Counseling; Devotional Meetings; Support Groups; Educational Opportunities; Emergency Transportation that the spouse is not able to resolve – Quick Home Repairs, Simple Auto Repairs, Food Pantry/Shopping Assistance, Community referrals, Lawn Mowing, Snow Removal, Educational Tutoring, and etc.).

All participating organizations must agree that the supportive out-reach services that are provided must be for all Service Members and their Families. It must also be without discrimination or regard to their religious beliefs. The services provided to the Service Members and their Families shall be free of charge and at no obligation to participants, and neither party assumes any liability on behalf of the other.

It's easy and free for Service Members or Family Members to participate. Simply search for the services you desire, and we'll provide a list of participating organizations matching your request that you may contact directly. No personally identifiable information is recorded.

Possible Services

  • Pastoral Counseling
  • Devotional Meetings
  • Support Groups
  • Educational Opportunities
  • Transportation
  • Quick Home repair
  • Simple Auto Repairs
  • Food Pantry/Shopping Assistance
  • Community Referrals
  • Lawn Mowing
  • Snow Removal
  • Tutoring
  • Child Care
  • Etc.

Faith-based organizations can choose what services they would like to provide. These are merely examples.