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Federal Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Employment Opportunities


The AGR job advertisements listed below are for full-time Wisconsin Air & Army National Guard (Title 32). For information on pay and benefits, please contact an AGR representative. Army advertisements on this page are open nationwide to all eligible to enter the WIARNG.

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Recruiting and Retention Officer

[ ARMY ] - [ 18-176 ] - [ Recruiting and Retention Officer ]

Opening Date: 9/18/2018
Closing Date: 10/2/2018
Unit: Recruiting and Retention Battalion, Madison, WI
Salary: Pay and allowance commensurate with military rank.
Applicant Restrictions: Any current member of the WIARNG or Regular Army/USAR/National
Please open the PDF file for the complete job advertisement:
Job Description:
Responsible for developing and overseeing effective officer and warrant officer procurement plans for multiple sources, to include ROTC, OCS, WOCS, Direct Commissions, AMEDD, Specialty Branch, and former officers. Works with all MSC and Battalion-level organizations of the Wisconsin Army National Guard to identify officer needs and assists in filling them. Responsible for ensuring all officer appointment and accession applications are completed in accordance with guidance provided by Department of the Army and National Guard Bureau. Performs other duties as assigned by the RRB.
Reference: ALARACT 188/2014, HQDA EXORD 193-14 Screening of Sexual Harassment/ Assault Response and Prevention Program Personnel and Others in Identified Positions of Significant Trust.
Operations Management

[ AIR ] - [ 18-68 ] - [ Operations Management ]

Opening Date:  8/23/2018
Closing Date:  9/20/2018
Unit:  CRTC, Volk Field, WI
Salary: Pay and allowance commensurate with military rank.
Area of Consideration:  Open to all eligible to enter AGR program *Trainees accepted*
Minimum Grade Required:  SrA/E-4
Maximum Grade Authorized:  MSgt/E-7
Maximum Grade Available:  MSgt/E-7
Please select the PDF file for the complete job advertisement:
Job Description:
Establishes and manages the operation of the command and control centers and customer focal point. Implements and manages the customer satisfaction program. Responds to customer inquiries. Prepares and manages work requirements during approval, processing, and completion stages. Recommends method of accomplishment based on existing capabilities. Develops, monitors, and manages work order priority program. Monitors work costs to ensure compliance with legal limits or support agreements. Operates computer and communications equipment to support work force management activities. Manages preparation and maintenance of work force records and reports. Performs quantitative study of management data to assess CE cost and reimbursement, work performance, progress, trends, standards, and policies. Manages and ensures a continuous workflow. Manages priorities and work plans, and monitors work status. Manages recurring work program and provides non-technical automated assistance as needed. Ensures identification of environmental concerns. Develops and administers facility manager program. Analyzes work activities to ensure quality and compliance with policies, current directions, and other publications. Evaluates inspection findings and recommends corrective action. Collaborates with engineer and environmental planning functions to prepare and execute CE programs and plans. Ensures coordination and/or collaboration with all appropriate agencies. Performs Quality Assessment Evaluation and develops Statement of Work on non-technical contracts, interfaces with host nations on maintenance requirements, purchase agreements, and service contracts. Manages and advises on issues related to the operation career field. Resolves complex issues related to CE cost and reimbursement, work performance, progress trends, standards and policies. Manages Civil Engineer Material Acquisition processes and systems. Performs Civil Engineer Class IV construction material, storage management, receiving, processing and requisitioning.
Applicant must show experience on resume in one or all of the following fields: Engineering. Facility Construction, Project Management, Financial Budget Development, and Process Management. Include examples of project planning, execution and the final results. Applicant must be experienced in Microsoft Office and especially Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Office Project and Adobe Acrobat.
Finance Management / Comptroller - Travel

[ AIR ] - [ 18-71 ] - [ Finance Management / Comptroller - Travel ]

Opening Date:  8/30/2018
Closing Date:  9/28/2018
Unit:  CRTC, Volk Field, WI
Salary: Pay and allowance commensurate with military rank.
Area of Consideration:  Open to all eligible to enter the AGR program *Must possess advertised AFSC
Minimum Grade Required:  A1C/E-3
Maximum Grade Authorized:  TSgt/E-6
Maximum Grade Available:  TSgt/E-6
Please open the PDF file for the complete job advertisement:
Job Description:
Provides customer service. Advises, interacts and coordinates with organizations on financial matters. Interprets and supplements financial directives. Prepares, verifies, computes and processes, and audits pay transactions. Processes, verifies, audits travel claims, estimates travel costs, determines fund availability, and performs follow-up on outstanding travel orders for travelers. Processes financial transactions. Performs follow-up on commitments, outstanding obligations, and processes disbursement and collection transactions. Disburses, collects, and safeguards cash, negotiable instruments and certified vouchers. Prepares accountability records and reports. Determines propriety of funding and certifies fund availability. Records, reconciles, and verifies entries into automated systems based on accounting documents. Certifies and processes payment and collection vouchers. Maintains appropriated funds, accounting records, and files. Schedules, prepares, verifies, and submits financial reports. Provides customer service and financial analysis for various organizations, vendors, and the Air Force Financial Services Center. Reconciles funding authorities with accounting records.
Analyzes accounting reports and financial data to identify trends for evaluating effectiveness and efficiency of Air Force activities. Develops and compiles factors for improved planning, programming and budgeting. Prepares budgets and execution plans and reports. Analyzes financial execution, identifies and explains variances, and prepares narrative justification to support financial requirements. Reviews financial data for accuracy and resolves discrepancies. Receives, reconciles, and distributes funding authorities. Examines funding and reprogramming actions to determine financial implications. Reviews reimbursement program status. Performs audits and reviews as required by directives. Administers the Air Force Management Control Program. Utilizes financial management decision support techniques to deliver sound financial advice to all levels of leadership.
Material Management

[ AIR ] - [ 18-72 ] - [ Material Management ]

Opening Date: 9/6/2018
Closing Date: 10/5/2018
Unit: 115 LRS, Madison, WI
Salary: Pay and allowance commensurate with military rank.
Area of Consideration: Job restricted to Category II on board AGR *Trainees accepted
Minimum Grade Required: TSgt/E-6
Maximum Grade Authorized: MSgt/E-7
Maximum Grade Available: MSgt/E-7
Please open the PDF file for the complete job advertisement:
Job Description:
Manages materiel management activities and systems involved in requirements determination, inventory control, storage and issues of supplies and equipment. Computes requirement, determines allowance, and researches and identifies materiel requirements. Performs operations involved in storage inspection, and identification of property. Performs inventories and ensures timely correction of discrepancies. Inspects and evaluates inventory management activities. Inspects and identifies property. Determines condition of property received. Performs shelf-life inspections of stock. Develops methods and improves procedures for storing property. Plans use of storage facilities. Stores, issues, ships and transfers property. Controls issue of classified, sensitive, pilferable and controlled items. Coordinates with maintenance activities on repairable component actions. Controls and issues bench stock property. Obtains material required for equipment modification, periodic component exchange and bills of material in support of maintenance. Accounts for all items contained in mobility readiness spares packages. Provides materiel management expertise to combat support, enabler organizations and responsible officers for the proper accounting and control of specified classes of supply. Reviews and validates requirements. When required, initiates follow-up actions on materiel requirements. Coordinates equipment transfer and deployment actions with the accountable officer. 2.8. Plans and schedules materiel storage and distribution activities. Processes information retrievals using materiel management system databases. Manages materiel management related systems and hardware. Performs operator maintenance on materiel management related systems and hardware. Applies system security policy and procedures to prevent unauthorized changes to information. Distributes materiel management computer products. Acts as a subject matter expert to the commander on the operation of materiel management systems and operations. Monitors Defense Data Network traffic through use of the Materiel Management Interface System. Ensures database integrity and makes necessary corrections. Controls and operates the Remote Processing Station (RPS). Monitors systems processing and corrects processing errors. Monitors materiel management traffic through use of the Materiel Management Interface System and takes corrective action. Maintains liaison with the Standard Systems Group, MAJCOMs and the servicing Defense Megacenters, to identify and correct problems. Develops database retrieval scripts for materiel management support analyses. Operates motor vehicles and assorted materiel handling equipment.


J1/Manpower & Personnel Directorate

(608) 242-3726
2400 Wright Street
Madison, Wisconsin
Mailing Address
Department of Military Affairs
J1/Manpower & Personnel
P.O. Box 8111
Madison, WI 53708-8111

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