Governor - Scott K. Walker Adjutant General - Major General Donald P. Dunbar

The HR Information Systems Specialists in Wisconsin implement, maintain and/or operate automated HR information systems. We develop plans and specifications necessary to carry out requirements for assigned HR information systems and identify areas where automation can effectively eliminate labor-intensive HR manual systems or enhance current automation techniques.

We focus on the following information systems:



The initial release of MyBiz+ is employee-focused and the application is based on the principle of simplicity: easy to access, easy to navigate, easy to understand, and more intuitive and interactive. It provides users at-a-glance information display, easy navigation flows, new tools and customizable views. Employees will benefit from: 

  • Multiple avenues of navigation within the MyBiz+ pages
  • Customization of specific pages 
  • Capability to provide feedback on the functionality and features 
  • A well-organized display of personal information 
  • Capability to update, edit, and change specific HR data 
  • Ability to view pay, leave and benefit data 
  • Ability to view organization and position-related information 
  • Capability to self-certify education, certification, license, and training information 
  • Ability to track and manage career-related information 
  • Receive real-time, HR notifications

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