Office of Workers Compensation Program Procedures (Injured on the Job)

  1. When an employee is injured at work, they must report the injury to his or her supervisor
  2. The injured employee will register for an account in the Employee Compensation Operations and Management Portal or ECOMP.
  3. The supervisor & employee complete the electronic form in ECOMP. File the OSHA-301, CA-1, or CA-2, which is transmitted to the J1-HRO.
  4. After the J1-HRO representative verifies the information, they will transmit it to the Dept of Labor
  5. The Dept of Labor will review the claim and issue a claim number. The J1-HRO representative receives an email with the claim number and the employee receives a card or letter in the mail.

sm_new There is a six minute video/slide presentation on the details of ECOMP on MilSuite Tech Talk's called ECOMP 101 (July 2015).

General OWCP Information:

SUPERVISORS: Please contact J1-HRO-ICPA at 608-242-3711, if a CA-16 Medical Authorization and Billing Form is needed.

Link to OWCP Forms

Federal Employees Compensation Act (FECA) Meeting

ECOMP Website - (Click here to register and submit claims)

   sm_newECOMP 101 - Overview (PDF)

   sm_newEmployee ~ ECOMP Training (PDF)

   sm_newEmployee ~ ECOMP Quick Reference Process (PDF)

   sm_newSupervisor ~ ECOMP Training (PDF)

   sm_newSupervisor ~ ECOMP Checklist (PDF)

   sm_newECOMP FAQ (PDF) 


Documents For The Doctor

Policy for placing Technicians on light duty (pdf)
Duty Status Report (pdf)
Attending Physician's Report (pdf)
ACS Card (doc)
Tech Light Duty Card (doc)

Contact info: 608-242-3711 or E-Mail: