Governor - Scott K. Walker Adjutant General - Major General Donald P. Dunbar

Notification of Telework Position Eligibility Information

References: Department of Defense Instruction 1035.01 - Telework Policy (PDF)   |   Telework Policy Guide (PDF)

Our agency is in the process of updating the telework approval agreement form requirements. The J1/HRO will no longer accept the HRR 301-1A, HRR 301-1B and HRR 301-C to process telework agreement requests. After 1 March 2013, all telework plans that were previously completed and submitted to J1 will no longer be valid. All eligible employees requesting telework must complete the DD Form 2946, found at the following link: DD Form 2946

Eligible employees and their supervisors must complete the required telework training prior to submitting the telework agreement. Both the employee and the supervisor must print the certificate of training session and forward copies along with the competed DD 2946. Supervisors may elect to hold a collective training within their work center, and attach the training roster to the DD Form 2946 in lieu of individual certificates.

The training can be found at the following links:

Training for Employees   |   Training for Supervisors

Supervisors will forward approved DD Form 2946 and training documentation to:

The Adjutant General recognizes telework as a valuable management tool, when appropriate. A request to telework is subject to supervisor approval and is not an employee's right.

Please contact your Human Resources Office for additional information on this matter at 608-242-3708.

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