The month of May is set aside to honor our veterans and the Armed Forces. While our service members protect our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, each uniformed service member has a family that embarks on this selfless journey of service and sacrifice as well. Each year, the Friday before Mother’s Day is declared “Military Spouse Appreciation Day.”

Military spouses in the Wisconsin National Guard graciously share their husbands or wives with both their local communities and the nation. In a time of local, state, or national distress, military spouses can suddenly become the heads of the household. Without missing a beat, they also step up and support their Soldier or Airman and serve as family readiness group volunteers. They instantly become responsible for paying the bills, maintaining their homes and supporting their spouse and children.

The contributions and sacrifices of a military spouse rarely go unnoticed by their husband or wife in the service. But since their service is silent, they often go unacknowledged by the general public.

Remembering on May 9 and every day of the year that military spouses serve as well is only a small token of the gratitude that these silent heroes truly deserve.

On Military Spouse Appreciation Day and each day forward throughout the year, please take a few moments to acknowledge not only our men and women in uniform but their families as well. The price for freedom is a burden carried on the shoulders of military families, but the load is lightened when we, as a nation, embrace our heroes both in uniform and those who silently serve and support them back home.


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