Being in the National Guard requires commitment and sacrifice. Our members understand this and gladly accept the challenge, but families also share this burden – especially children. That’s why it is right to recognize and honor the commitment, contributions, and sacrifices of the children of our service members.

This year’s theme is “Military Kids: At Home Across the World.” The U.S. military around the world is focusing providing service member families the quality of life they deserve. Here in Wisconsin, the Department of Public Instruction has joined us in commemorating this special month and is urging teachers and administrators across the state to honor our military youth and families. We thank them for their support.

In the Wisconsin National Guard, we are encouraging our youth to participate in the “Young Lives, Big Stories” contest, designed to tell the story of service members through the eyes of their children. The contest is open to children in preschool through 12th grade. We will also show our support with Purple Up Wisconsin (#WIpurpleup), April 13, inviting all of our members and their families to wear purple as a visual show of support.

People are our greatest asset. Our Soldiers and Airmen selflessly serve and fulfill the National Guard’s two core missions — first military responder at home and as the primary combat reserve for the United States Army and Air Force. For our members, their families are at the core of why they serve. When we support families — especially children — we support those who make our National Guard great and keep us “Always Ready, Always There.”


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