Regional Interoperability Councils have been established to ensure that interoperability implementations address local concerns and unique regional circumstances while also adhering to the strategies and tactics adopted in the Statewide Communications Interoperability Plan (SCIP).

Regional SCIP Implementation Councils (RSICs) are chartered by the State Interoperability Council (IC) with membership based on representation from each county within the planning regions already established by Wisconsin Emergency Management (WEM). There are six distinct regions in Wisconsin: East Central, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest, and West Central.

Regional Interoperability Coordinators (RICs)

RICs are responsible for a range of activities designed to support interoperability implementation at the regional level. RICs are expected to: 

  • Participate in monthly RIC phone calls with DMA and WEM 
  • Provide the region's first line of contact for WISCOM 
  • Conduct regional SCIP council meetings 
  • Arrange for weekly roll-calls in the region and share problems and lessons learned with DOT and DMA points of contact 
  • As necessary, continue to enter data into the Communications Assets and Survey Mapping (CASM) tool 
  • Continue to write/update the local Tactical Interoperable Communications Plan (TICP) and assist with county TICPs 
  • As available, continue to participate in local exercises as related to communication components 
  • Participate in future updates to the SCIP

The Wisconsin RSICs are already formed and actively developing regional plans. Click the links on the left to learn about activities in your region and how to contact your RSIC and RIC.

Statewide Interoperability Coordinator (SWIC)

The SWIC is employed by the Department of Military Affairs (DMA) to serve as the coordinator between the state and federal emergency communications offices. The SWIC is responsible for coordinating interoperability technical assistance, among other federal services. As per the State Interoperability Council (IC) Charter, the SWIC is also expected to advise and consult with the IC.