A hands-on, minds-on STEM education program

How do you learn, test your Learning Styles:

activities-img.jpgGO-TO “VARK” WEBSITE:

VARK - A guide to learning styles
Do you learn best:

  • Visual
  • Aural
  • Read/Write
  • Kinesthetic

Reading Electronic Text Books on STEM

Liftoff is the true story of the author achieving his childhood dream of flying into space.

LIFTOFF! AN ASTRONAUT'S DREAM : by Astronaut R. Mike Mullane (PDF download click here)


Links on STEM Educational Activities

  • “FREE” Elementary School - Interactive Simulations: University of Colorado at Boulder

  • Having fun with MATH and receive a passing certificate:

Practice that feels like play

  • Design Process

Design Process

  • Design Process activities:

NASA Engineering Design Challenge

  • NASA: Greenspace Initiative aligns NASA’s research and development programs with green activities:

Leveraging NASA for a Greener Earth