A hands-on, minds-on STEM education program

BB OnStarWelcome to STARBASE Wisconsin. View our welcome video and learn more about the virtual program.

Busy Bee, Motown Philly, OnStar, and Ops 1 are your teachers.  Below you will find resources created and gathered by them to introduce you to science concepts and vocabulary.  Complete the activities prior to attending STARBASE for this week’s visit.

Each week a classroom features at-home science experiments, comic books with superhero pilots, videos of scientists and engineers at their jobs, and vocabulary games with interactive simulations.

Complete a tutorial first on how to use activities and lessons in the Deck Toy platform. Click here to try the Deck Toy 101 game board

Our interactive slides, simulations, and games are uploaded to a platform called Deck Toys. Milwaukee Public School District (MPSD) Classes – These games and videos are uploaded to the MPSD Google Classroom virtual infrastructure. You can sign in to all Deck Toys with only your MPS Google email account but our staff must first invite you into the class.

To play the Deck Toys games, non-MPS Staff/Students will need to setup a student account with Deck Toys when entering a game board. This account will store your progress and can be used for future games. Do not log in as a Guest Student.

Week 1 -- Aviation, Engineering Design Process, Newton’s Laws of Motion, and STEM Careers

Week 2 – Computer Aided Design (CAD), Metric Measurement System, and Wisconsin Military Careers

Week 3 – CAD: Product Development and 3-D Printing, Chemistry (Periodic Table of Elements), States of Matter, and Potential/Kinetic Energy

Week 4 – Artificial Intelligence and Robotics/Automated Technologies

Week 5 – Electricity and Careers on Building Fire Trucks

The virtual learning program is developed in collaboration with DoD STARBASE educators in Wisconsin, California – Sacramento, and Minnesota –Duluth.