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The purpose of the Wisconsin National Guard Retiree Council is to assist the Adjutant General in maintaining a strong National Guard by providing a channel for the interaction between active members, retired members and surviving spouses; to provide a focal point for organizations with concerns of the retired community and the AG's office; and to offer assistance to Army and Air National Guard units in development and maintaining rapport with their local communities.                 

The Retiree Council, within resources available and in accordance with the regulations and traditions of the Wisconsin National Guard, and the policies of the Adjutant General, assists in maintaining a strong Wisconsin National Guard by:                 

  1. Supporting legislation pertaining to the Wisconsin National Guard.
  2. Supporting Retiree Activities Offices (RAO's) to provide information to retirees.
  3. Encouraging the civilian sector to support enlistments, retention and training programs.
  4. Encouraging and promote membership in the Wisconsin National Guard Association (WINGA) and the Wisconsin National Guard Enlisted Association (WNGEA) at state and local levels.
  5. Providing the Adjutant General with counsel and insight regarding problems and needs of retirees and their families and work closely with the TAGO Retired Section to assist in resolving same.
  6. Sponsoring a bi-annual Retiree Appreciation Day (RAD) to educate and inform retirees on issues and benefits.
  7. Bringing to the attention of the Adjutant General other matters to enhance the status of the Wisconsin National Guard.
  8. Providing support to legislative actions relative to the National Guard promoted by WINGA and WNGEA as well as the Adjutant General.


The Retiree Council currently consists of 23 retired members of the Army and Air National Guard appointed annually by the Adjutant General to conduct quarterly meetings for the purpose of implementing plans to accomplish the above objectives. Additionally, currently there are 13 honorary members who have served with distinction in the past on the Retiree Council and who continue to be an asset serving in an advisory capacity.                 


Membership in the Retiree Council is as follows: 

  1. President (Army or Air, retired officer or NCO)
  2. Past President
  3. An Army National Guard representative appointed from each congressional district (see Wisconsin Congressional District map).
  4. An Air National Guard representative appointed from the Milwaukee, Madison and Volk Field areas. Additionally, there are two at-large representatives.
  5. A representative from both the WINGA and the WNGEA who have been selected to represent their respective retired memberships (either Army or Air).
  6. One member appointed to represent each Retiree Activities Office.
  7. One member appointed to represent the Wisconsin Committee for Employer Support for the Guard and Reserve (Army or Air).
  8. The President shall have authority to appoint a Secretary, Treasurer, and a Public Affairs representative, to be appointed to the Council for the period of the President's term only. Such members can be ex officio members.
  9. Honorary members (non-voting) as appointed on orders based upon their level of interest and willingness to actively support the Wisconsin National Guard and Retiree Council activities.

The President is appointed by the Adjutant General for a term of two years and may be reappointed for two additional terms. At the end of the term(s) the President will remain on the Retiree Council as Past President until succeeded.                 


The Retiree Council meets quarterly, in January, April, July and October of each year. The Executive Committee, consisting of the President, Past President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Public Affairs representative, meets quarterly one month prior to the regularly scheduled Retiree Council meetings. Interested persons are invited to attend as a guest at any regularly scheduled Retiree Council meeting. A quorum consists of eight voting members present. Meetings are held at a location deemed appropriate by the President.                  


Anyone wishing to contact the Retiree Council can do so at the following address: Wisconsin National Guard Retiree Council c/o The Adjutant General Joint Forces Headquarters, Wisconsin 2400 Wright Street Madison, WI 53704-2572                 


The Retiree Council is most supportive of the Retiree Activities Offices (RAO's) that provide extensive resources to assist military retirees with access to information. You are directed to the RAO Website or at:                 

Madison: Joint Force Headquarters Wisconsin
2400 Wright Street, Room 160
(608) 242-3115, or (800) 335-5147 ext. 3115
Office hours: Tues & Thur from 0730-1130 hours. 

Milwaukee: 128th ARW Headquarters
Building 512, Room 14
(414) 944-8212
Office hours: Tues & Wed from 1000-1400 hours.                  

Joint Force Headquarters
2400 Wright Street, Room 201
Madison, Wisconsin 53704-2572
2400 Wright Street
Room 160
Madison, Wisconsin 53704-2572
(608) 242-3115
Toll Free: 1-800-335-5147, ext 3115
DSN: 724-3115
07:30am - 11:30am Tues & Thur
128th ARW, Retiree Activity Office
1835 E. Grange Ave.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53207-6132
(414) 944-8212
DSN: 580-8212
Office Hours
10:00am - 14:00am Tues & Wed except holidays