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Grant TitleDeadline to Apply
HS State Local Tribal Territorial (SLTT) Cyber Response Teams Cyber Security Go Kits 2020 (2021) (pdf)

WEM will provide grant funds for the procurement of Cyber Response Team (CRT) Jump Bags to model the states three cyber teams after the FEMA and military model. The Jump Bags will assist the CRT team members by keeping personal equipment off a client's infected network while troubleshooting problems, i.e.: wireshark logs, packet capture. This will aid in discovering what traffic is going out of the network and where it is going. All equipment will be kept in jump bags with each team member for easy and quick deployment. Jump Bags will consist of: backpack, laptop, extra monitor that is USB powered and video, hardware (HHD), Blue and Red Team Guides, Incident Response (IR) Software, and Diggers Book.
HS State Local Tribal Territorial (SLTT) Cyber Response Teams (CRT) Exercising 2020 (2021) (pdf)

WEM will provide grant funds for the participation to allow 29 team members to participate in two exercises in conjunction with the Wisconsin National Guard Cyber Team and the Department of Justice. Having the ability to work directly with other agencies will significantly improve the ever-growing relationship. Exercises are a key element of Wisconsin's Homeland Security Strategy to improve emergency responder capabilities. Exercises assist agencies in achieving objective assessments of their response capabilities and help identify areas needing improvement prior to a real incident. Exercises also inform local and statewide planning activities by highlighting needs for future resource allocation.
HS State Local Tribal Territorial (SLTT) Cyber Response Teams (CRT) Training 2019 v2 (pdf)

WEM will provide grant funds for 100% reimbursement to educate Cyber-Response Team (CRT) members specifically for the support of Wisconsin's State, Local, Tribal and Territorial (SLTT) cyber infrastructure. These CRT members will make up a team conforming to the DRAFT PRE-DECISIONAL FEMA "National Incident Management System (NIMS) Resource Management for Cybersecurity.
EPCRA State Computer and Hazmat Response Equipment Grant 2021 (pdf)

WEM will provide grant funds to Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPC) for the purchase of computer and hazardous materials response equipment to assist their county in complying with the requirements of ss. 323.60 and 323.6l, Wis. Stats. Those counties that submitted a Pre-application before the pre-application deadline are eligible to submit an application. The purpose of the computer portion of the grant is to support the county Emergency Management office, and the purpose of the Hazmat Response Equipment funding is to supplement existing local funding for Hazmat response.


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