The WHOPRS website has a standard maintenance window on Wednesday mornings from 6:00 a.m. through 8:00 a.m. central time. If you are logged into the system during an active update, you will be logged out and you will lose any unsaved work.

The Wisconsin Hazmat Online Planning and Reporting System (WHOPRS) can be accessed here: . Please note that this is the same URL that facilities have used. If you are a hazmat team, fire department, or county user, please change your saved bookmarks to the new URL.

The WHOPRS system was upgraded to a new platform in August 2017. The new platform is a change from the older system and users are encouraged to view the new training videos listed below. The system upgrade will include the new mandatory EPA reporting requirements described below.

New EPCRA Reporting Requirements

In December 2015, OSHA implemented elements of the Global Harmonization Standard (GHS) into the Hazard Communication Standard, mandating that all chemical manufacturers in the U.S. use the GHS safety data sheet (SDS) format. An important part of this update included the creation of 24 chemical hazard categories. This change reflects directly on EPCRA section 311 (SDS submittal) and 312 (Tier II) reporting requirements.

EPA has mandated that by March 1st, 2018, facilities are required to report the revised physical and health hazards for their hazardous chemicals present during 2017 calendar year. Please see the following link for more details:

This means that when a facility submits Tier II reports for 2017 from January 1st - March 1st 2018, they will have to update all of the hazard classifications for all of the reported chemicals. The 5 category codes that are currently in the Tier II reports will be blanked out, and they will need to enter data using the 24 new categories. In addition, if a facility has previously uploaded any older material safety data sheet (MSDS) that that don't contain the 24 hazard classes, they will need to upload a current SDS for each chemical.


In order to help alleviate delays when reporting January-February 2018, we strongly recommend that facilities begin updating their chemicals (by filing and certifying a 2017 tier II update report) as soon as possible. These updates will be carried forward into your annual reports. Due the significant changes that need to be made to your report data, WEM is expecting that facilities that do not file a 2017 Update report will experience longer wait time for support questions and added time to submit their Annual report in 2018.

Notes on Filing a 2017 Update Report

In order for your updated information automatically uploaded to your calendar year 2017 report in January 2018, you will need to certify your 2017 Update Report. In order to submit your report, you will have to address all of the sections of the report. At the top of the "Edit Report Homepage" you will see a horizontal list of steps for submitting your report. All steps that have orange exclamation points will need to be addressed before you can submit your report. Please see the screen shot below:

Once all of the steps have green checkmarks, you can submit your report.

If you do not certify your report, you will not be able to submit a new report until you complete or cancel your initiated report. If you cancel it, you will lose all of your changes/updated information.

WHOPRS Training Materials

WHOPRS Training are now available within the WHOPRS system.


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