Wisconsin Emergency Management recognizes that successfully responding to and recovering from a disaster depends on the whole community working together.  Building and maintaining strong public-private partnerships is important to our mission.

Wisconsin Business Emergency Operations Center (BEOC)

The Wisconsin Business Emergency Operations Center (BEOC) was established in 2015 as a means to share information and resources between the State of Wisconsin and the private sector during emergencies.

During times of disaster, the BEOC coordinates response and recovery efforts and improves communication and situational awareness between businesses impacted by a disaster or those tasked with providing supplies or services to the impacted areas and governments.

Year-round it serves the private sector community by offering training and exercise opportunities for disaster preparedness and business continuity. It also promotes networking and mentorship between those companies experienced with disasters, and those who are not.

Membership to the BEOC is FREE. The state’s membership focus is geared toward large companies whose service area is statewide or includes a large portion of the state.

Why should your business join the Wisconsin Business Emergency Operations Center?

An estimated 25 percent of businesses do not reopen following a major disaster, according to the Institute for Business and Home Safety.  The BEOC can provide critical information, resources, and training that can make the difference when disaster hits.

The BEOC works with emergency management to help identify and access resources (food, water, fuel, cleaning supplies, financial resources, medications, etc. ) to assist with disaster response and recovery.

BEOC members share information with emergency management on damages, supply chain interruptions, security needs, and other issues that help them prioritize response efforts.  By having a direct line of communication with emergency management, BEOC members can help ensure that their needs are addressed, and that they have the information needed to make sound decisions.

BEOC members are also invited to participate in FREE disaster training, workshops, and exercises, allowing them the opportunity to enhance their business resiliency and disaster preparedness skills, network with other members of the private sector, as well as get to know their local and state responding agencies.

For more information on the BEOC and other public-private partnership opportunities, download this brochure.


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