Kewaunee Power Station is located in the town of Carlton in Kewaunee County, about 35 miles southeast of Green Bay, Wisconsin. It is in Wisconsin’s Eighth Congressional District. The power station currently has about 900 acres of property associated with it, although the footprint of the plant only occupies about 60 of those acres.

The single-unit station was purchased by Dominion Energy Kewaunee Inc., part of Dominion (NYSE: D), in July of 2005. The unit received its operating license on December 21, 1973, and started commercial operations on June 16, 1974. The station’s operating license was renewed in February 2011 allowing it to operate through December 31, 2033.

However, on October 22, 2012, Dominion announced it would close the station during the second quarter of 2013. The station’s last day of electrical production was May 7, 2013. The reactor was unloaded a week later and Dominion certified to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission that it would no longer be operated as a nuclear power station.

Dominion has chosen the SAFSTOR method of decommissioning. In its Post Decommissioning Activities Report (PSDAR), Dominion has laid out a 60-year plan to return the property to a Greenfield site.

Brief Facts

Construction Cost to Build: $200 million Station

Employees: Approximately 300

Engineer/Constructor: Pioneer Services and Engineering

Reactor Manufacturer: Westinghouse Electric Corporation Turbine Generator

Manufacturer: Westinghouse Electric Corporation Location History 02



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