Zion Nuclear Power Reactor was issued an operations license on April 6, 1973 for unit 1, and unit 2 on November 14, 1973. Unit 1 became commercial operational on December 1973 and unit 2 on September 1974. Unicom Cooperation and ComEd Board of Directors elected to discontinue operations of the plant due to economic reasons. The time and cost to repair steam generators in addition with the deregulation of electric power in Illinois made it uneconomical to continue operations.

Zion Nuclear Power Reactor was shut down on February 13, 1998 and the fuel was transfused to a spent fuel pool. 


Reactor type
Pressurized water 

Date of commercial operation
Commercial operations achieved on December 1973 for Unit 1 and September 1974 for Unit 2. 

Unicom Cooperation and ComEd

Estimated Date for Closure

NRC Information




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