MADISON, Wis. — Recent heavy rains, flooding, and tornadoes across Wisconsin have shown that disasters can happen at any time. When the worst occurs, make sure you know what to do to protect your family and your property from further danger.

In the second week of preparedness month, ReadyWisconsin is encouraging people to learn life-saving skills that can ensure they are able to respond quickly during an emergency.

“There are many things you can do to prepare yourself before a disaster strikes,” said Wisconsin Emergency Management administrator Brian Satula. “It’s important to take steps such as learning CPR, making sure your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working, and learning where the natural gas shutoff valve for your home is located.”

The historic flooding seen across much of southern Wisconsin in August, in addition to flooding in northwestern Wisconsin earlier this summer, will have many families looking at ways to mitigate the risk to their homes in the future. Homeowners can take preventative steps, such as ensuring gutters remain clear and downspouts are releasing water far away from their foundation. They should also know whether they reside in a flood plain and explore flood insurance options that are available to them.

Fires and carbon monoxide leaks are common dangers in the home, so it’s important to put measures in place designed to sound the alarm when danger is present. Have a smoke and carbon monoxide detector installed on each level of a home. Test those devices monthly, change the batteries annually, and replace them every ten years.

This coming Saturday, Sept. 15, is a National Day of Action. “Consider holding a preparedness event in your community to help everyone learn how to be safe,” Satula suggested. “Attend a CPR class that’s available in your area or look for opportunities to volunteer to help those effected by recent flooding in Wisconsin.”

You can find information about CPR courses offered by the American Red Cross at

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