Wisconsin National Guard Leadership

Commander in Chief
Governor Tony Evers

Adjutant General
Maj. Gen. Paul E. Knapp


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Adjutant General Maj. Gen. Paul E. Knapp
Deputy Adjutant General Support to Civil Authority Brig. Gen. David O'Donahue
Deputy Adjutant General for Army Brig. Gen. Joane Mathews
Deputy Adjutant General for Air Brig. Gen. David W. May
Chief Warrant Officer Chief Warrant Officer 5 Troy Bittner
State Command Sgt. Maj., Army Command Sgt. Maj. Curtis Patrouille
State Command Chief, Air Command Chief Master Sgt. Meredith Conn
Administrator, Wisconsin Emergency Management Darrell L. Williams, Ph.D
Executive Assistant Ms. Leah Moore


U.S. Property and Fiscal Officer Col. Daniel Pulvermacher
Inspector General Col. Kevin Agen
Director of Public Affairs Lt. Col. Penny Ripperger
Legislative Liaison Bridget Esser
Staff Judge Advocate Col. David Hickethier
Legal Counsel Meg Vergeront
State Budget and Finance Manager Anna Oehler
State Human Resources Manager Stacie Meyer
Wisconsin National Guard Challenge Academy (Fort McCoy) Scott Pavlock
Director of Emergency Communications Erik Viel


Chief of Staff, Joint Mark Michie
Human Resources (J1), Director of Manpower and Personnel Col. June Dykstra
Intelligence (J2), Director of Security and Intelligence Maj. Joshua McAuliffe
Facilities (J4), Director of Installation Management Col. Kathleen Adamson
J3/5/7 Director Col. Eric Leckel
Information Systems (J6), Director of Information Systems Lt. Col. Jeannie Jeanetta
Director, Counterdrug Division Lt. Col. Paul Felician


Assistant Adjutant General For Readiness & Training Brig. Gen. Robyn Blader
Commander, Land Component Command VACANT
Chief of Staff Col. Matthew Strub
DCSPER (G1) Lt. Col. Josephine Daniels
DCSOPS (G3) Col. Eric Beuerman
DCSLOG (G4) Col. Robert Divney
Recruiting and Retention Lt. Col. Jeremy Duffy
State Surgeon Col. Rick Strickroot


Chief of Staff, Air Brig. Gen. Erik Peterson
Director of Staff David Olson
Personnel Officer Lt. Col. Shannon Triggs