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P&P No. 1.115 Alternative Work Patterns pdfT
P&P No. 1.500 Discretionary Merit, Equity or Retention Adjustment Compensation (DMC/DERA) pdf
P&P No. 1.600 Supplemental Pay FLSA Exempt Employees pdf
P&P No. 1.601 Supplemental Pay FLSA Non Exempt Employees pdf
P&P No. 2.100 Information Management: Electronic Mail (with receipt)  doc
P&P No. 2.105 Information Management: Internet Use and Management (with receipt) doc
P&P No. 2.110 Social Media doc
P&P No. 3.100 Employee Assistance Program pdf
P&P No. 3.110 Telework Policy pdf
P&P No. 3.120 Outside Employment doc
P&P No. 3.130 Performance Evaluation pdf
P&P No. 3.140 Discrimination & Harassment pdf
P&P No. 3.150 Reasonable Accommodation pdf
P&P No. 4.105 Position Action Requestdoc
P&P No. 4.110 Hiring Proceduresdoc
P&P No. 4.110.1 Attachment A Hiring Process Checklistdoc
P&P No. 4.110.1-E Attachment D Reference Auditdoc
P&P No. 4.110.2 Attachment E LTE Hiring Process Checklistdoc
P&P No. 4.111 EEO/AA Staffing Requirementspdf
P&P No. 4.300 Pre-Hire Fitness for Duty (Military Affairs Security Officer/Supervisor)pdf
P&P No. 5.200 Fire/Crash & Security Return to Work Guidelines pdf
P&P No. 6.100 Grievance  pdf
P&P No. 7.105 Common Access Cards  pdf
P&P No. 8.110 Annual Physical Readiness Test Qualifications for Military Affairs Security Officer/Supervisor  pdf
* Physical Readiness Test Handbook pdf
P&P No. 8.120 Weapons Qualifications for Military Affairs Security Officer & Supervisor pdf

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